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S&G Carpet Cleaners

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About S&G Carpet Cleaners

Hi, I'm Paul. The story of S & G Carpet Cleaners is a simple one. After years of working at the corporate grind as Director of Operations I decided to go into business for myself. The lessons that I learned along the way, be on time, be fair, deliver consistent quality and deliver more than you promised, I wanted to carry through to my own business. So after ten years in the Carpet Cleaning business you can rest assured that I'll be here year after year to service your Carpets . S&G is not a here today gone tomorrow business.

Call me at (704) 266-2214 to discuss your carpet cleaning needs. Whether it is a few rooms in your home, Your office, an apartment complex or hotel rooms, you can be assured that we will respond quickly to get your carpets looking cleaner and smelling fresher.

We Save So You Can Save

As a local family owned business we don't have to pay franchise fees and for national advertising that only increase costs that we have to pass along to you. The big companies have offices, company trucks, royalties and lots of advertising that only add to the cost that you have to pay for. Our low overhead is passed on to you so you get the same or greater quality of service at a far lower cost.


Pride, care, dedication, and attention to detail. I take this seriously and strive to work harder, respond faster and take more care than a large impersonal company. My family depends on the quality work that I do for you. If I let you down, I let them down, so you can be confident that I will do the best job possible for you.


Our gaurantee is simple.  If you are not happy, we are not happy. I take this seriously and strive to work harder, to respond faster and take more cae than a large impersonal company.  We want your repeat business and referrals so if you are not happy with the results we won't get either. 


To best serve you we have invested in three seperate types of carpet cleaning equipment.The truck mounted high pressure wsteam extractor equipment.  The Dry Cleaning equipment that leaves your carpet clean and dry immediatly after cleaning.  And the portable high pressure that we can use where the truck mounted hoses will not reach.